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Kitchen Scale from TMart {Giveaway!}

This post is written in partnership with TMart. All opinions are my own. 

Today's giveaway is for a digital kitchen scale, as seen here: from TMart.

What do people use kitchen scales for? Many bakers spout the number one benefit being that you can accurately measure flour. Measuring a cup of flour is not the same for everyone--my cup of flour will be a different weight than your cup of flour. It is impacted by your strength, angle, and scooping method. So some recipes have ounces rather than cups for things like flour. If you have recipes that don't use flour, some chefs recommend you weigh as you make the recipe one time and take notes.

That all sounds tedious to me. For me, it is nice to be able to weigh fruits and vegetables. It is also nice to be able to weigh meats if I am calorie counting since my app likes meat in ounces (and my eyeballs don't happen to be calibrated). This scale is battery operated and simple to use:

Would you like to try it out? Enter below!

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Joy said...

We cloth diaper, and I think this is adorable!

Angela Glorioso said...

I hope I'm doing this right...
I'd love a scale for my kitchen! I buy ground beef in bulk, and this would really help as I portion it out for the freezer. I've also come across recipes that use ounces, and have had to skip over them, so this would really help with baking too!

Rakib Hasan said...

Nice post and helpful for all kind of home health care readers.I am also a fan of your post .I would like to read more similar post and wanna say with you " Love Human Life" .

~Nikole~ said...

I browsed the TMart site for a few quick minutes…which turned into a few long minutes…There was so much to see and all of it so cute and helpful! I love it and will be returning to shop again!

melkaywin said...

I love their cloth diapers! If we need to invest in another set for future babies, I will definitely try theirs out--cute patterns and you can't beat those prices!

Esref NC said...

my favourite item:
my son loves to play with it.