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Top 10s of 2013

One of my favorite posts each year is when I look at the "top tens" from the last year. I love to see what you love and where you live!

Top Ten Posts of All Time
Here are the current top ten posts of all time. This is the numbers since the blog was started, SO it is not really all that fair to the posts published in 2013 because they haven't had time to build up the views the other posts have (which is why I have added the top posts of 2013 section below):

#10 Your Babywise Baby: First Year Overview (new to the list this year)

#9  3-6 Month Old Index (down from number 8 last year)

#8  Sleep Routine (down from number 6 a year ago)

#7 45 Minute Intruder (same spot as last year)

#6  Dropping the Dreamfeed (down from number 5 a year ago)

#5  Sleep Training: The Four S's (new to the list this year)

#4  Growth Spurts (down from number 3 a year ago)

#3  Dreamfeed FAQs (up from number 4 a year ago) 

#2  Blog Index for Newborns (down from number 1 a year ago)

#1 Reader Sample Schedules 0-12 Months Old (first year at number 1--up from number 2 last year)

Last Years Top Tens That Did Not Make the List This Year:
Top Ten Posts Published in 2013

#6  Baby Summary: Week 22 {Five Months Old}

Honorable Mentions from 2013
These posts were also quite popular in 2013:

#4  Nap Hints

Top 10 Originating Countries (where you readers are)

#10 Japan (down from 9 last year)

#9 Russia (down from 8 last year)

#8  Singapore (down from 7 last year)

#7 Germany (down from 6 last year)

#6 New Zealand (down one from 5 last year)

#5 China (up one from 10 last year)

#4 United Kingdom

#3 Australia

#2 Canada

#1 United States

Top 10 Operating Systems

#10 hp-Tablet (new to the list this year)

#9 Other Unix

#8 Blackberry

#7 Linux

#6 iPod

#5 Android

#4 iPad

#3 Mac 

#2 iPhone 

#1 Windows

You can see the list for 2012 here and 2011 here.

Did you have a favorite post this year?

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