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BFBN Week: Babywise Benefits and Different Personalities

It is Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week this week and we are all taking a turn talking about the benefits of Babywise. Today Emily from Journey of Parenthood is talking about how Babywise works with any child's personality. Emily says:
"Even though I have had two very different personality types, I followed the SAME parenting philosophy with both children. Having gone through everything with Kye I was better prepared with Britt for how to really be a true "Babywise Mom" from the start and that really benefitted her! My "spirited child" is actually a much better, sounder, sleeper than her "angel baby" brother ever was."
I think this is a very interesting topic to explore. Are there babies that Babywise just doesn't work for? Or is it that the mother isn't so much into Babywise if the baby isn't the Angel/Textbook type who will easily fall into pretty much any parenting philosophy the parent goes with? I know I have readers who have had great success with 1, 2, or even 3 children only to be completely thrown for a loop with a later child. So is it the baby's personality? Is it that life has changed in the home making certain aspects (like consistency) more difficult to apply with later children? Has the mom relaxed on the principles? I would love to hear your honest thoughts.

For me, I have four very different children. No two could be categorized as the same "type" of person. Each has had areas where he/she was my easiest and areas where he/she was my hardest. Despite that, all three have thrived on Babywise. And is that because I thrive on Babywise? Is it because it just suits me perfectly? To me it is all common sense. 

And I know not all of you would consider yourselves a "natural" at Babywise. I know my little sister's personality isn't naturally inclined toward a lot of what Babywise requires, but she swears by the principles and they worked for her in spite of it. She is a believer. 

Head on over to Emily's blog to see what she has to say about it and it should make for an interesting discussion.

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