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BFBN Week: Babywise: A Parent’s Best Instruction Manual

Today wraps up BFBN week! I hope you have enjoyed our posts as we have talked about the different benefits Babywise brings. Today's post is from Maureen at Childwise Chat. She is talking about how Babywise is a great instruction manual for us. People often joke that children don't come with manuals, but with Babywise, we do get a manual! Maureen says:

True, my kids are human beings, but rather than blaming them for their misbehavior and throwing my hands up in the air, I can stop and truly examine what’s going on and make the changes to fix any issues we may have. If creating more structure doesn’t resolve our issues, then maybe my kids need more sleep or maybe they need independent playtime. Whatever it may be, I know I have the tools in my parenting toolbox to create the change we need.
And it’s all thanks to my trusty instruction manual.
 Head on over to Maureen's blog to check it out!


One Smitten Mommy! said...

Hi Valerie,
I'm hoping you can help. I read a ton of your posts yesterday. This week I've been trying to implement new nap routines. My son is 8 weeks old. I've been trying to have him nap in his bed rather than just on me in the living room rocking chair. The first nap went great yesterday, the next two choppy and interrupted by gas, or unknown reason. His optimal wake time us 1.5 hr. But when 5:00 came around, and I tried to get him down for a nap 1.5 hr later like the rest of the day, he refused. Screamed and cried with everything I tried. My husband took over and he fell asleep at 830. I also read that he should be eating every 3 hrs. He's eating more than that, because I nurse when he wakes up and to go down for the nap. This is likely very bad. What are your thoughts??? Thank you!

One Smitten Mommy! said...

I know he's overtired, but could the frequent nursing be a culprit too? I figured he was just hungry, and that he'd spit up if it was too much good which he hasn't done.

One Smitten Mommy! said...

*food* not good