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BFBN Week: Having Babies Close Together {Benefits of Babywise}

It is Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! This week ,we are focusing on the benefits of Babywise. Today's post is from Rachel at A Mother Far From Home and she is talking about "Why having babies close together isn't as hard as you might think (benefits of Babywise)." Rachel gives several reasons why having her first three children in 2.5 years was not as hard as some might think it would be--all because of the benefits Babywise provides. 

Rachel has excellent points. My first three were not as close as hers, but Brayden was 3 when McKenna was born, so they were pretty close. While there are challenges with children close in age, there are some major benefits thanks to Babywise. Rachel says,

My 2-year-old and 1-year-old are on the same schedule now and this makes life a lot easier. They do independent play in their rooms at the same time, go down for naps at the same time, and go to bed generally at the same time. Having a predictable daily routine helps make having three children so close together possible. In fact, it even makes it highly enjoyable.

Rachel is so right! It is so nice to be able to work things out so everyone is on as similar of a schedule as possible. It helps you to be able to manage all of the children with success.

Go on over to A Mother Far From Home to see all of the reasons she has found Babywise helpful in having children close together. 

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