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Positive Attitude in Pre-Toddlers {BFBN Week}

In the BFBN, we love to find bloggers who are Babywise moms and highlight them for you! Today we are highlighting Lauren at She is a Babywise mom and military wife (as you may have surmised). If you are a military wife, you will definitely want to check her out! If not, she can still offer some great insight on various topics. 

Today Lauren is talking about teaching a positive attitude in a child as young as a pre-toddler. It can be done! She helps you get ideas on how. Lauren says, "When we hear the world correction, we may initially think of the word punishment. Punishment at such a young age isn’t appropriate because pre-toddlers and toddlers aren’t old enough to understand right from wrong. However, correction also means to teach or train, and pre-toddlers and toddlers are capable of learning consequences through correction from approximately 9 months of age."

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