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Poll Discussion: Best Toys for Babies-Children

I love this poll idea from reader Jennifer--Not sure if this would work for a poll, but maybe something about the best learning toys for each age group? The one toy that always gets played with at age 1, 2, 3, etc.?

Great idea right? We all wonder what toys really stand the test of time and what are favorites. For this poll, comment for as many children/ages you have that apply. Do what age your child is now as well as what they loved in the past. Include:

1-Child's age
2-Child's gender
3-Favorite toy at that age

Let's do the following age breakdowns:
  • 6 months or younger
  • 7-9 months
  • 10-12 months
  • 12-15 months
  • 15-18 months
  • 18-24 months
  • 2 year old
  • 3 year old
  • 4 year old
  • etc.-- 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...


Unknown said...

10-12 month Boy:
Plastic water bottles
Board Books

7-9 month Boy:
Rattles/Shakers (many homemade using old medicine bottles partly filled with beans, rice, salt, etc.)

Why it only lets me comment as "unknown"??

Anonymous said...

6 months and younger girl: activity mat that played music
7-9 months girl: easy to hold rattles
10-12 months girl: stacking rings, board books, bin of baby wash cloths
12-15 months girl: play kitchen set, board books, Hello magazine by Highlights, container of pom-poms and an ice cube tray, doll, Fisher Price farm set, Tupperware containers

Steffi said...

7 months girl: measuring cups, rattles, anything she can fit in her mouth to chew on :)
3 yr old boy: water table & waterplay stuff (, cars, his bike (does this count as a toy?), books with songs

Jessie said...

0-6 activity gym, a bendy ball like this one
12-18 large rubber ball, musical toys like the leap frog musical ball
18-24 chunky puzzles, play tent, sandbox with shovels, buckets, and a sieve
2 yrs Mega blocks, kitchen, little people sets, small doll house, stacking cups
0-6 months
Activity mat, any fabric that will fit in his mouth

Stephanie Kirby said...

18-24 month girl: Purses. She loves to put things in a purse and tell me "bye bye, Mommy!" "Be right back!" She also loves shoes, and not just her dress up shoes, anybody's shoes. And she loves play food and her kitchen.

6 year old boy: Action figures, I guess is what you call them. He LOVES MARIO! So, he plays with his Mario men all the time. Also, board games. He'd play those all day.

Both of them also love a trampoline.

Jennifer said...


All ages- books! (Especially Pat the Bunny and Karen Katz books from ages 0-2) and Hello magazine by Highlights
6 months and under- Manhattan Toy Winkel and Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo
7-9 months - stacker and stacking cups by Green Toys
10-12 months- pop up toy (ex: infantino bop and pop)
12-15 months- shape sorter
15-18 months- water table
18-24 months - square foam blocks and puzzles
2 year old - play kitchen with play plates, food, etc and abc/number/shape puzzles

Mara Kreiling said...

Books- every age!
Current age (18 months): ball popper (push toy), elephant busy ball popper, loose balls (sensing a theme here??), water table, Little People Farm, blocks

Sarah W said...

0-6mo activity mat
7-9mo board books to chew on
10-12mo knobby rubber ball

Melissa said...

Girl 4-6 month Johnny jumper (hangs in a doorway) absolutely loves it!

lee woo said...

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