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Product Review from Mobile Fun asked me to review a free product from their site. I decided to go with this Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station. In our house, we are getting a lot of products that need charging. Kindles, phones, got to the point that we couldn't even plug our lamp in because so many things were plugged in to charge. 

This has worked great! You plug this one thing in and you can charge up to four things. Any four things that charge using a USB cord will work. This is a great space saver! I also thought that once my kids are old enough I start allowing them to carry cell phones (no idea when that day will be), this would make for a good family night charge station (I don't intend to allow them to have phones in their rooms at night). 

Take note when looking at things on, many items, like this one, have a UK plug. I also had to get an adapter to use this product. I put it in the outlet and I can still plug in the lamp. Nice to have light again :) This is a great product that is contemporary looking and suits our needs well!

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