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BFBN Week: Parent Directed Feedings: How I Fed My Drug Exposed Infants

It is BFBN week again! We are talking about feeding children. This week, you will hear from:

Today, Elaine from is posting on her experiences on feeding her adopted children the Babywise way. Elaine has very unique experience in feeding her three children on PDF. She writes:

What I want to talk about today is how to do Babywise with a baby affected by drug exposure in the womb. All three of my children are adopted and all three were exposed to drugs in the womb. All three have been affected by the drugs (different drugs for each child) in different ways. All three have greatly benefited from Parent Directed Feedings.

Elaine goes into 5 things she learned doing PDF with her three children. She has great advice and has worked so hard and tirelessly with her three babies to provide the stability they needed in life. I have to say if Elaine can do it with her three, anyone who wants to can do it.

Elaine's advice is excellent for establishing PDF no matter if your baby was born perfectly healthy or with drug addictions as her's were. Her post brings great hope and shows you that hard work does pay off. Go check it out!

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