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BFBN Week: The Pros and Cons of Formula AND Beastfeeding

It is BFBN week again! We are talking about feeding children. This week, you will hear from:

Today's post is from Claire at Claire is writing on the pros and cons of both breastfeeding and formula feeding. What's that? Pros and cons to both ways?!?!? Yep. Both of them.

It's important that we stand proudly in our decisions, including feeding decisions.  But if that pride starts convincing us that there is only one way to do things, then it's gone to far.  So, should you formula feed or breastfeed?  Well, there are easy things and hard things with both options.  Your decision has to be based on what you want and what you feel works best for your baby, family, and lifestyle.  There is not one answer.  Both formula and breastmilk are needed to make the world go round.

Claire lists the same number of good sides and bad sides to both ways to feed a baby. Be sure to check it out. She has a great post that if we lived in a happy world where some moms didn't feel the need to tear other moms down, could end the mommy war over how to feed your baby. It probably won't do that in reality, but it can help you feel happy with your own decision, no matter what it is you chose to do.

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