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Mozo Shoe Review

This post is written in partnership with Mozo Shoes. All opinions are my own.

Ever since I hurt my ankle last year (see Torn Ligaments and Motherhood for more on that), I have been amending my shoe collection. Before the foot injury, I could basically wear whatever shoe I wanted. Things have changed! I now have two things that are of utmost importance: comfort and support. I need to be able to wear the shoe without my foot getting tired and sore. It has been more than a year, but a bad shoe day can still leave me limping the next day. 

But I love shoes. I am not the type who is  happy to just wear tennis shoes all day every day. I don't think there is anything wrong with being that type, but I am not that type. I like my shoes to be cute. I have shared some shoes I have found that meet this. 

Mozo Shoes shoe company recently contacted me and asked if I would like to review some shoes. Yes! They sent me a free pair to review. I went right to these, the Maven.

I have been wanting red shoes! These have been comfortable from the first time I put them on. This is important to me at this point in life. I can't spend time breaking in shoes--it hurts my foot too much. It needs to be comfortable while breaking the shoes in. These are very comfortable! They are also true to size. They also have these in a new Picnic Collection line (pictured above). If you are looking for some comfortable and cute shoes, check these out! For a limited time,  a purchase from the Mozo Picnic Collection comes with an e-book filled with recipes and tips from some of the country's most interesting culinary personalities and experts, including Laura Maniec of CorkBuzz, Wendy Weston of Perfect Picnic NYC, Jenn Louis of Lincoln and Sunshine Tavern and Aliya LeeKong of Exotic Table. 

You can purchase shoes here:


Little Becomes Much said...

Do you have any recommendations for kid shoes? I love Pediped but my 7 year old boy is growing out of the size ranges they offer. Any other suggestions for nice quality kids shoes?

Jennifer said...

Awesome! Do you know if they are sold in stores or elsewhere online?

Jennifer said...

Awesome! Do you know if they are sold in stores or elsewhere online?

Valerie Plowman said...

Jennifer it looks like you can find stores here:

Valerie Plowman said...

Little Becomes Much,

For my boy, I always buy him a good pair of sneakers. He brand hops--he has done Sketchers, New Balance, and Nike. With Brayden and shoes, I have found it is definitely worth spending more money on a nice pair of shoes because they will stay together until he outgrows them. The cheaper ones break down fast and you end up spending more. He pretty much only wears sneakers and then maybe some crocs or flip flops at times in the summer.