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Dropping the Morning Nap {BFBN Week}

The second blogger you get to hear from today is Claire from My Devising. She is talking about dropping the morning nap--that blessed event! Claire says:
Every nap that is dropped means more freedom.  When I was a first-time mom, I would read things like this and feel very confused.  Your kid is up more and it's freeing? YES!  Once they get to one nap a day, life is wonderful.  (I mean, life is wonderful before that point, but being able to be out and about all morning with two happy kids is a glorious thing.)
I completely agree! I dreaded losing that morning nap with Brayden (I was pregnant at the time and did not look forward to that busy boy keeping me up and moving more than he already did!), but I soon learned how wonderful one nap a day was. Claire takes you through 5 phases of dropping this morning nap (with a play on songs, so that should help you remember ;)--I so love Claire's passion for music). Head on over to My Devising to read up on her phases and tips. 

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