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Our next post today is from Brooke at ApffelADay.comBrooke is talking about you having confidence in your decisions to teach your children to sleep:
For the mom feeling unsure because of others. I see you. I’ve been there. You quietly doubt yourself, your abilities, your instincts, because others loudly shout their opinions. You feel in your soul that routine, consistency, and sleep will benefit the entire family, especially your little one. Yet, you see an article or a status or hear a friend or a family member and there it is, that fog. It creeps over you quickly until you are surrounded with a doubt so strong, it makes you question your instincts. Instincts that God gave you for a child He also gave you…and no one else.

I had my first baby before the Internet was huge--I know, hard to imagine, right? "Back in the day," we didn't turn to the Internet for answers or support. By the time Kaitlyn came along, less than two years later, we were there. The Internet was a part of our research process. So I was lucky in that I made a decision on how to parent my child and I just did it without getting input from the opinion of the world. I didn't even know the controversy around Babywise until my second child was born. 

In our modern day, you only have that luxury if you unplug. You definitely need to learn to trust yourself. Find moms you can turn to for mentoring and support and learn to block out the voices who try to make you question yourself. Head on over to to get her words of encouragement on this front. 

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