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Protecting Baby's 1st Nap {BFBN Week}

Shea from The Moses Home is also blogging today. She is talking about the importance of the first nap and how to protect it. Shea's post is spot on. I love every tip and bit of advice she shares here. As Shea shares:
This nap is the most important nap for infants, in my opinion, because this nap sets the napping tone for your baby's day. Any subsequent naps are dependent on this nap, and how baby sleeps for the rest of the day will be determined by the success of this nap. Oddly enough, this nap also happens to be the nap that infants can handle the LEAST amount of waketime before. It is common for moms to think that since they have just had a full night (or at least in the early newborn days, the longest stretch of sleep) that they could handle a little time awake before needing a nap again. This is just not true. 
Shea goes on to talk more about why that first nap is so important, how to get it down, and then she breaks down each age group from birth on up to toddlers. Head on over to The Moses Home to read all of her helpful advice. 

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