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2015 Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful break and have had a great 2016 so far. My husband and I spent a lot of time painting a few rooms in our house during the break. I will show you pictures in a future post. 

Today I am sharing the top tens of 2015. 

Top Ten Posts of All Time
These are the stats on all of the posts compared to each other. Naturally, older posts have an advantage here since they have had a longer lifespan of opportunity to be viewed. This year, the list stayed pretty similar to last year, which is the first time that has happened!

#10 Your Babywise Baby: First Year Overview (knocked off the list last year but back on this year)

#9 45 Minute Intruder (down from number 7 last year)

#8  Dropping the Dreamfeed (down from number 6 last year)

#7  5-6 AM "Night Wakings" (new to the list this year)

#6  Reader Sample Schedules: 12-24 Months Old (up from number 8 last year)

#5  Growth Spurts (down from number 4 a year ago)

#4  Dreamfeed FAQs (down from number 3 last year)

#3  Sleep Training: The Four S's (up from number 4 last year)

#2  Blog Index for Newborns (same spot as last year)

#1 Reader Sample Schedules 0-12 Months Old (same spot as last year)

Last Year's Top Tens That Did Not Make the List This Year:
Top Ten Posts Published in 2015
These are the most popular posts from the year 2015

Top 10 Originating Countries (where you readers are)
#10 Ukraine (same spot as last year)

#9 Singapore (same spot as last year)

#8  Russia (same spot as last year)

#7 Germany (same as last year)

#6  China (down from number five last year)

#5 New Zealand (up from number six last year)

#4 United Kingdom (same as last year)

#3 Australia (same as last year)

#2 Canada (same as last year)

#1 United States (same as last year)

Top 10 Operating Systems

#10 BB10 (same as last year)

#9 Other Unix (same as last year)

#8 Blackberry (same as last year)

#7 iPod (down from number 6 last year)

#6 Linux (up from number seven last year)

#5 Android (same as last year)

#4 iPad (same as last year)

#3 Mac (same as last year)

#2 Windows (same as last year)

#1 iPhone  (same as last year)

You can see the list for 2014 here,  2013 here, 2012 here, and 2011 here.


Renee said...

Val, a long time ago you did a post about an individual book you made for each child - a busy book or lap book or something like that. It had things like family pictures, ABCs, etc. in it. I can't find the post after much searching. Can you please point me to it? Thanks!

Valerie Plowman said...

Yes--I think it is just on my craft blog (that I don't ever update anymore). I will link there: