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Happy [Martin Luther King Jr.]/[Civil Rights]/[Human Rights] Day!

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I am not even sure what this day is supposed to be called anymore. The latest that I have seen is "Human Rights Day." I was feeling annoyed that the day has been changed from Martin Luther King Jr. Day (though I have a calendar that has that as the name for the day), but I suppose he was the sort of man who would be happy to have people focusing on civil rights or human rights and not him. I would hate to ever see us forgetting his contribution, however. Speaking of that, if you haven't seen the movie Selma, you should definitely put that on your list.

I hope you have a nice day off today--hopefully you have a day off. My kids do but my husband doesn't. Take time to share with your children the reason for this holiday. If you aren't in the US, happy Monday :). And any day is a good day to reflect on and talk about human rights. 

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