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How to Drop the Last Middle of the Night Feeding

Waking up in the night with baby, at some point, can get old. You just want to sleep! You start to feel zombie-ish. I know the question of how to stop that 5-6 AM night feeding is a common one. It's like being at the end of a marthon, seeing the finish line, and having a huge mote you have to cross. How do you cross it?!? Emily from The Journey of Parenthood has some great ideas for you today. Emily says, Somewhere around 6-8 weeks my babies all stopped waking during the 3-4 hour and instead slept until the 5-6 hour. While you'd think that would be awesome, because it means an extra hour of solid sleep for me, it's actually the MOST frustrating time for a baby to wake. " Head on over to Emily's blog to get all of her great tips for this!

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