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Moving to one nap can seem scary. It is super nice to have those two chunks of time every day you can get things done or even relax, and moving to one nap means you move to one chunk of time. But I promise you, one nap is awesome! I think once you get there, you will realize it is the best of every world. Large chunk of time in the morning to do things with your little one and to go out of the house, nice chunk of nap in the afternoon to do other things in the home...ahhh.

A big hurdle with the one nap is knowing when it is right and how to do it. Katrina from Mama's Organized Chaos is wrapping up BFBN week with information on when to go to one nap and how to get there. If you are at this transition, you will definitely want to check out her map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

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