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Safety Questions To Ask When Your Child Gets Home {BFBN Week}

I feel like asking children a string of questions when they get home from somewhere is pretty standard for parents. Carrie is talking today about being mindful with those questions and making sure you ask the right questions to know if your child is having a positive and safe experience while gone. I love the idea of starting these simple questions while young so that when they are older, you can continue these questions and your child will think of them more as the inevitable and normal than like you don't trust your child to be safe. Read her posts on safety questions here. 

The ladies of the BFBN are all taking a turn this week to talk about the importance of teaching your children how to stay safe. Here is the schedule:

Monday: Valerie at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
Tuesday: Emily at The Journey of Parenthood 
Wednesday: Kimberly at Team Cartwright AND Natasha at Let's Be Brave
Thursday: Carrie at Wiley Adventures
Friday: Katrina at Mama's Organized Chaos

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