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Teaching Stranger Danger to Two Year Olds {BFBN Week}

Teaching stranger danger to a two year old? How exactly do you go about that in a sane way? Kimberly from Team Cartwright has four simple steps for initiating the ability to talk "strangers" with your children. They are simple and basic. One I like is not forcing the child to hug others if they don't feel comfortable with it. I have seen that idea floating around for a while and I think it is very wise and simple. It is a way to give a young child the tools for safety without having to scare the child into being afraid of the people around him. 

The ladies of the BFBN are all taking a turn this week to talk about the importance of teaching your children how to stay safe. Here is the schedule:

Monday: Valerie at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
Tuesday: Emily at The Journey of Parenthood 
Wednesday: Kimberly at Team Cartwright AND Natasha at Let's Be Brave
Thursday: Carrie at Wiley Adventures
Friday: Katrina at Mama's Organized Chaos

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