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Haters Miss the Point: Babywise is More Than Just Sleep {BFBN}

Cole's post today is great for pointing out what Babywise is all about, which is more than just sleep. It is also a great reminder to everyone who loves the first Babywise book that you have so much to gain from the subsequent books, also.

"On Becoming Babywise provides a practical system for creating order in the household. It establishes God and the marriage at the center of the family - NOT the children. It encourages a traditional parenting style that focuses on raising responsible adults. The fact that the first book covers infant sleep is circumstantial - it's because that's the first stage of a child's life - but the overarching precepts are carried out through each of the next seven books. The vast majority of the series is spent on aspects other than sleep - like physical, mental, and emotional development, learning, obedience, respect, correction, authority, character, and responsibility."

Cole always just says it like it is and I love that about everything she writes. Head on over and read her post on what Babywise is all about. 

More on the Myths of Babywise:

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