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How Schedules Keep Us Flexible, Not Rigid {BFBN}

Shea's story today starts out much like my own. She had a very similar first baby experience with starting without any parenting philosophy and then finding Babywise. As she dug into it, she found some push back online. She states:

"If you truly dig into the negative thoughts surrounding the book, you can easily assess that many of the people who are critical have yet to read the book all the way through, or they have not practiced/implemented the principles in their homes at all. So many speak without the true knowledge, and many more speak without real experience. You will not find me being critical of parenting styles in which I do not know much about or use in my home. It feels unfair to me to try to convince someone that one way is right when I have little know how regarding the practice. "

So much yes to that! Shea goes on to talk about how having a schedule has actually helped her babies be more flexible overall; not rigid. Head on over to her blog to read all about why and how this is true.

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