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Welcome Instagram peeps! Thank you for popping on over here from Instagram to check me out. On Instagram, I like to share what our daily lives are like and help people get to know me better. On this blog, I strive to help people become the best parents they can be. I discuss all things parenting, even down to decorating, because let's be real, having your home inviting helps you feel more at peace, and if mama's happy, everyone's happy. Here are links based on what you have seen in Instagram. From each of these posts, you will be able to link to other, similar posts on this blog. Click on the picture to link through. If you aren't sure exactly what the picture will take you to, hover your mouse over it. The text will tell you what your in for.

 Hair Tips
 Preschool Learning Activities and Information
Gardening information
Music Lessons
Discipline posts
 Mom's Night Out!
 Back to School helps and tricks
A Simple Way to Teach a Love of Reading
 15 Must-Own Picture Books
 Nap Problems

 Safe Media Rules For Your Home
Life with little kids
 Sports, Dance, and Athletics
Gel Nails
Dates with kids
Pets for families
Travel information
Swimming posts
 Outside Toys Worth Buying
Halloween Posts
house addition
What is essential in life
Organizing papers

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