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Myth: Babywise Automatically Diminishes Milk Supply {BFBN Week}

Oh breastfeeding and Babywise. The myths that surround you. You won't have a enough supply. You will lose your supply. Even worse, your baby will have failure to thrive and probably even die!

But not true. 

Kimberly at Team Cartwright is a mother to three children, including twin girls she is still nursing at 10 months old. ON BABYWISE! Not only is she doing it, she is doing it with two. 

"I think I am a personal example of how scheduled feedings doesn't mean you will lose supply.  I nursed my son for 14 months.  The first six months were just breast milk, and solids were slowly added in after that.  I am going on 10 months of nursing my twins, the first seven being just breast milk before really starting solids, and I don't plan to end any time soon.  Yes, I know that is not every woman's story.  I know there are many reasons why nursing doesn't work.  But I am personal proof that scheduling feedings alone does not mean you will lose all your milk."


happyfamily said...

I had scheduled feedings with all four of my kids, including a set of twins. All of my kids were breastfed exclusively until 6 months, and were weaned at 15 months. I had no problem with my milk supply, in fact, I think that my mammary glands must have been "scheduled" too- TMI perhaps, but my milk would let down on schedule. Schedules saved me life!

Heather VanDyke said...

I am really struggling to get my LO to sleep through the night. I follow the babywise schedule to a T. He is still waking up every 2-3 to eat. Also, I don't let him cry it out yet. He is 8 weeks old. How long should wake time be after his feeding?