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10 Parent/Child Date Ideas

My husband and I want to have strong relationships with each of our children as individuals. We want to take the time to get away from distractions at home and just focus on each child. A date night can do just that. 

Date nights are also economically helpful for people with "large" families. How so? Let's say one child is really into rock climbing. Your options are to either take that one child rock climbing or to take all children rock climbing. Maybe sometimes you would like to do something like that as an entire family, but with young families, we often have a baby or child who is too young to do something that the older child wants to do, so one parent ends up trying to watch a toddler in a non-toddler friendly location, and you paid a lot of money to do that. Grumpy toddler, grumpy parent, and empty wallet. 

Doing dates means each child can pursue individual interests. For example, Kaitlyn loves rodeos. Because of her great interest in such things, we decided one summer evening to take the family to the rodeo. Brinley was one at the time. We paid a fair amount of money for the six of us to enter for the event. 

It wasn't long before two of our children were asking to go home and one was rubbing her eyes and whimpering because it was past her bedtime. 

Now I just take Kaitlyn to the rodeo each summer. Some day, our other children might have interest and attention span to join in, but for now, it is a Kaitlyn thing. 

Parent/child dates have a myriad of benefits, and it is a tradition our children fully enjoy. As I look at our list of dates we did one year, I see that the really can be rolled up into ten basic categories. Here you have them:

10 Parent/Child Date ideas and list

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