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Big feelings: Talking through tantrums with your child {BFBN Discipline Week}

As we continue on talking about discipline this week, Kimberly is delving into tantrums. Anyone with a young toddler on up knows all about a tantrum! She is getting beyond "What to do about it" and looking more at figuring out why it is happening. People, the "why" is so important in everything we do in life. Never look past the why. 

"When my son has a tantrum, I try not to punish him.  Oh, I don't want him acting out like that.  Tantrums are absolutely something to avoid and unacceptable behavior.  But I think tantrums in toddlers and preschoolers aren't telling us that our children need more discipline or are out of control.  I think they are telling us our children are having some big feelings they don't know how to deal with."

Head over to Kimberly's blog at Team Cartwright to learn more about how she goes about figuring out the why with tantrums. 

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