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Discipline As Discipleship {BFBN Discipline Week}

Not only is Kimberly talking about the why today, Carrie is also. She is taking it deeper into the heart and into discipline through the lens of discipleship. 

"Yes, discipline is important to teach that there are negative consequences to our behavior choices. But I think we have to be very careful to not lean on rules to produce fruit and the way we should train our children to go is to connect to the source of the fruit. Rules can punish disobedience, and there is a need for that, but they cannot MAKE someone more loving, joyful, etc.. They can make people compliant but they are not what produces transformation. I don’t want to teach my kids that they can behave their way into joy.  I want to teach them to connect to the source of joy, and the joy will take care of itself." 

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