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Self-Control is a Base Virtue

Oh self-control. That is a virtue that we all really need help mastering, am I right? Who hasn't spent too much time on social media or the Internet lately? Teaching your child to have self-control is a gift that will serve him not only now, but throughout his lifetime.
Self-Control is a Base Virtue by Cole Ramirez

Cole is talking about this base virtue and has 3 great ideas to help you teach it. She says:

"But teaching self-control to our children is of the utmost importance because it is what On Becoming Preschoolwise calls a base virtue. That is, it is the foundation upon which most other virtues are built. Patience, for example, cannot exist without a honed capacity for self-control because human nature is to desire instant gratification.  One cannot show unrelenting goodness, invariable morality, or consistently respectful speech without possessing dominion over their emotions and impulses. Even when looking at things like factors of learning, good students require the self-control to sit still and listen. The wisest decisions often necessitate the self-control to pause, delay judgement, and avoid rash actions."
Head over to Twinning Babywise to read up on how to teach your children self-control. For more on this blog on self-control and virtues, see:
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