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The Big List of Sleep Training Resources

Sleep training is not easy. It isn't fun, either. It takes a lot of mental focus and emotional fortitude. You have this great unknown. You are tired. And to top it all off? You have plenty of people out there telling you that you are a terrible and selfish person for even wanting your baby to sleep well, much less actively working toward that goal.

The Big List of Sleep Training Resources

There are a lot of studies that discuss the importance of sleep and the benefits of sleep. Please do not feel guilt for trying to help your child be a good sleeper. 
"According to a study from the University of Colorado Boulder discovered that children who didn’t take their afternoon nap didn’t display much joy and interest, had a higher level of anxiety, and lower problem solving skills compared to other children who napped regularly." from "Napping Can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, and More"

I have compiled some articles and information on sleep training to help you know you are not alone and to see how others do it. Sleep training usually looks a little different for everyone, as it should because each baby is a unique individual.

I have compiled a bunch of articles on sleep training. I have some of my posts mixed in with other articles. I hope this can serve as a resource for you as you embark on sleep training. 

Studies on Sleep Training
Sleep Training and Stress

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