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What It Is Like to Exclusively Pump

The Realities of Exclusively Pumping. What it is like to pump and feed your baby breast milk through a bottle.

A group of moms I am continually in awe of is the exclusive-pumping group of moms. Pumping is no joke. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work. Then after pumping, these moms feed the baby a bottle. Exclusively pumping takes so much time and work that I really don't know if I would be able to make it through. There are many moms who do it, however, so if you want to, know it can be done! 

Caitlin from Twin Mom and More is writing today on her experience exclusively pumping for her twins. She shares:
"Pumping... ugh. Is there anyone who can honestly say that it's an enjoyable experience? I haven't met a single mom who has enjoyed the experience. There are many reasons women choose to exclusively pump breastmilk for their babies and to enjoy the experience is not one of them. I breastfed my first until he self-weaned at ten months old. I planned on at least attempting to do the same thing with my twins. The idea of exclusively pumping was not one that I even thought about because my breastfeeding experience with my first was so easy."
Caitlin shares the real, honest realities of what it is like to pump. If you are considering pumping for any reason, be sure to check her post The Realities of Exclusively Pumping out and see what you might be in for. Don't worry; she is very encouraging while being very honest all at the same time. 


The ladies of the BFBN will all be talking about breastfeeding this week. Check the blog daily to see the talk of the day and where to read it. 

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