5 Ways to Teach Children Kindness by Caitlin Rogers

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No one wants to be the mom at the park with the mean kid. No one wants to hear their child is being a “mean girl” at school (actually…there are a couple of ladies I know who once commented that their daughters were mean girls at school and then laughed about it…um…anyway…). So most of us don’t want to find out our child is being a mean girl at school. While some moms might be so nice and some children be so good at mimicking those moms that they easily learn to be kind without any extra thought or effort, most of us need to put some action into being sure we are indeed teaching kindness to our children. 

5 Ways to Teach Children Kindness by Caitlin Rogers

Caitlin from Rogers, Party of 5 is talking today about the Childwise principle of instilling kindness. There is something deeper than a checklist. Caitlin is giving you 5 ways to teach kindness to your children. Caitlin says:

It makes absolute sense.  We have to teach our children how to hold a spoon and wipe their bottoms (we have only successfully mastered one of these in our household), so OF COURSE, we need to teach them how to be kind.  It is a learned behavior.  So how do we teach it?

 Head over to Rogers, Party of 5 today to see what Caitlin has to say on how to teach children kindness.

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