9/11 Remembered…




As the day closes on this ten year anniversary of 9/11/2001, I feel compelled to write something. I don’t know what. Nothing I could write could ever do anything of significance.


9/11 is by far one of the most painful memories of my lifetime. I think it is only exceeded by the loss of my son. I have no special reason for it being a hard day. I didn’t lose anyone that I know. I haven’t even ever been to New York City, and hadn’t been to the Pentagon or Pennsylvania (though now I have). I had the average reason, like most of us: this was my country and it was being attacked. And I know there are many around the world who also found the day a shocking devastation. I think it made us all feel very vulnerable.


My story is similar to many. I was in college. I woke up to Tom Brokaw on the radio talking about something…it made no sense. I got out of bed and turned on the TV because surely New York City could not be under attack. I saw the second plane hit, as well as other disheartening things along with it. 


I didn’t go to class. I didn’t go to any of my scheduled activities. I sat in my apartment with friends, watching the television and crying. 


If there was any good that came from that day, it was the surge of camaraderie that we all felt for each other. We joined hands in candle light vigils and in prayer. We banded together as a united front. We turned to the Lord for help and comfort. For a few months, we were one in heart and spirit.


I wish we would have carried that with us from that day. We showed a strength we could use today. We showed a reliance on the Lord that would do us all some good. 


I hope to honor the memory of that day and those who died then and since by displaying more love for my fellow men and more love for the Lord. That is the best way to honor those who have fallen. That is the lesson and memory I want to carry forward–not the pain. 


I will never forget. 


Oh, and if you want an excellent read on faith and 9/11, go here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/guest-voices/post/911-destruction-allowed-us-to-spiritually-rebuild/2011/09/08/gIQAbkjKCK_blog.html

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