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Hello and welcome to Simplyserra Floral! I am currently a full time mommy to my two sweet baby girls and a wife to my ever patient husband.

I started my etsy shop to bring in a little extra money to play with and buy the unessential essentials in life. I started selling infant/child headbands back in September 2007 with flowers attached but quickly switched to selling flowers as supplies and was the first etsy floral head supplier. I am constantly adding new items, such as bouquets and other embellishing supplies. I am a year-round planter in my Etsy garden and people use my flowers for all sorts of creations; to put on headbands, beanies, wedding dresses, clothing, tutu’s, flip flops – the ideas are endless and I love to see others success in their own little hobbies/business’ using my products! There are a variety of flowers available in my shop. Check back often for new items!…

Egg Donor Solutions and Surrogate Solutions work to match intended parents with compatible egg donors and surrogates. We create happy families one baby at a time!   

Egg Donor Solutions is an egg donation agency that is always looking for generous, healthy, educated women who would like to be egg donors.  Egg Donors give a loving couple the amazing gift of family that no one else can offer them.  As a donor with Egg Donor Solutions you are appreciated, generously compensated ($5,500-$10,000 per cycle) and treated with respect.  We invite you to visit our site and learn more about giving such a selfless gift!

At Surrogate Solutions all of our employees have been surrogate mothers themselves, so we know first-hand what the surrogacy process entails. We are always searching for caring women who have experienced the joy of having a child and would like to give that same gift to someone who is not able to carry their own baby.  Surrogate Solutions generously compensates our surrogates ($20,000-$40,000 per pregnancy) and we strive to provide the care and attention our surrogates need.

If you would like more information about being an Egg Donor http://www.scxserv.com/eggdonorsolutions/) OR a Surrogate Mother(www.surrogatesolutions.net) please visit our website.  We would be honored to work with you to bless someone’s life in such an amazing way.


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