Baby Whisperer: Respecting Baby


 In the book Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, Tracy Hogg outlines seven steps to making sure you show respect to your baby. Here they are (starting on page 135):

  • Be with your baby. This means that while you are spending time with your baby, focus on your baby. Don’t spend your time on the phone or off in some other zone thinking about things you have to get done. Now, I am going to say that there will surely be times you need to be on the phone while you are doing something with your baby, and most definitely be times you need to think about other things while with your baby. But try to focus on your baby while you are spending time with your baby. That is what makes it quality. Don’t be fooled, your baby can definitely tell if your mind is not with her.
  • Delight in baby’s senses, but don’t overstimulate. Realize that a baby does not require much to be stimulated. The US is a culture with a lot of stimulation at all times. We have our cell phones and our iPods. Television is loud and fast. We mistakenly try to offer that much stimulation to our babies. They don’t need that much. Less is more with babies.
  • Make baby’s environment interesting, pleasant, and safe.
  • Foster baby’s independence. Help him gain confidence to try new things and play independently. Hogg says when baby is playing, it is better to observe more than you interact. You also have your independent play each day to help baby foster independence.
  • Talk to, not at, your baby. Leave time for baby to respond while you are talking to her.
  • Engage and inspire, but always let your baby lead. Hogg says to never place a baby in a position she can’t get into or out of on her own. I don’t necessarily agree with this. When you do tummy time with a newborn, she can’t get into or out of that position on her own. In fact, you she can’t get into or out of any positron on her own as a baby. Also, Kaitlyn was sitting on her own, unsupported, before 5 months old. But it was months after that when she got to sitting on her own.

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Reader Comments:

  • Erin Jensen said…
    I read the baby whispere and I liked the idea of respecting your baby but felt as though she took it to an extreme at times – like saying that you should not buy clothes that you have to pull over your baby’s head because that could be traumatic…that seemed a bit much to me!
    September 3, 2008 10:45 AM
    Plowmanators said…
    That is interesting Erin, I don’t even remember that part!
    September 8, 2008 1:38 PM

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