Babywise Works For You (not the other way around) {BFBN}

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“You make babywise work for YOU.”  This is one of the main premises of the book – Babywise works for you.  You don’t work for babywise.  And this is one of the reasons I LOVE babywise.”

I have never thought of it in this way, and I love this point Natasha from Let’s Be Brave brings up. I often say, “Let Your Schedule Serve You, You Don’t Serve Your Schedule.” This is the same idea. You are not a slave to the program. You are the parent in the “Parent Directed Feeding” program. That means you are the master. The boss. The head-honcho. Not the peon. 

 Babywise provides the skeleton for structure; it’s a parenting tool.  It doesn’t get to make demands of you or dictate exactly how you sleep train your baby.  That’s all you, mama.  What it can do for you, however, is add support, structure, and a framework for getting your child on a schedule. “

Natahsa has such a unique perspective because she is a foster parent who has used Babywise with all of her children. She shares that Babywise has never failed her even though she has never had a child from day one of life. Go read the whole thing today! I super love it.

  • Monday: Valerie at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom talking about the Myths versus Realities of Babywise.
  • Tuesday: Katrina at Mama’s Organized Chaos talking about the realities of Babywise and the schedule. Babywise isn’t imposing a schedule; it is learning the ideal schedule.
  • Wednesday: Shea at The Moses Home will be talking about how having a schedule actually makes her babies MORE flexible. Natasha at Let’s Be Brave is talking about how Babywise works for you; you don’t work for Babywise. 
  • Thursday: Carrie at Wiley Adventures is talking about how Babywise and Cry It Out do (or don’t) go together. Kimberly at Team Cartwright will be discussing how scheduled feedings do not diminish milk supply.
  • Friday: Cole at Twinning Babywise will be discussing the fact that Babywise isn’t just about sleep. Emily at The Journey of Parenthood will finish us off talking about how Babywise is very possible with more thank one child. It isn’t just luck! 


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