Big Toys for Baby (Baby Gear)


It can be hard to decide which of those big baby items to buy. It really is dependent on your child’s personality (I hope you aren’t tired of reading that 🙂 ). Here are my thoughts on the major items:

  • Jumperoo–my first LOVED this item. He was such a jumper. If your little one is a mover and a jumper, he will likely love it. The Fisher Price Jumperoo has toys with it and you can use links to attach other toys also. My second has enjoyed the jumperoo, but it wasn’t her favorite. If it were for her, it wouldn’t be the ONE item I would get. For my first, it might be.
  • Exersaucer–my second enjoyed this–they have lots of stuff. But it wasn’t her favorite and it would have severely annoyed my first to be so stationary–we never even tried it with him. My second enjoyed it for about a month. I think new jumperoos are more like exersaucers but jump, and maybe some exersaucers jump now.
  • Bumbo–A bumbo is nice and small, but it is of little value to a baby if you are going for something to entertain. I really like the bumbo once they can sit and play with toys but you don’t trust them to sit alone without crashing to the floor. For both of mine, that happened around 5 months and by a little over 6 months they could sit quite well.
  • Highchair–you could use the highchair in the place of a bumbo. Some even have toy bars. You could put toys on the tray (some have toys attached). If he loves to watch you in the kitchen, this might be a good thing. Plus you will get one anyway. My second spent a lot of time in the highchair watching me in the kitchen. She is an observer. This was not something my first did–like I said, he was (and is) a mover.
  • Walker–Both of mine have really enjoyed the walker. There is controversy over walkers (makes them walk later), but the same controversy and reasoning behind it applies to the exersaucer and jumpers. The walker can be really cheap. I got our at Babies R Us for about $30. It has a toy bar that can be removed, but you can also link things to it so toys don’t go flying. This has been the favorite of both of my children.

If you know people you can borrow things from, you might want to try it out for a while before purchasing it. We borrowed the exersaucer. I thought my daughter would love it, but in the end, I was glad we didn’t buy it.

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