The Blog In August


Just thought I would give you a little overview in what will be going on here this month.

For this month, I will continue to try to do some fun posts where I ask for your feedback. I will also finish off Emergency preparedness information. In order to cut back a bit for the last month of summer, product reviews will be on Friday–so I will be posting 5 days a week instead of 6.

In September, I will go back to my regular schedule of a -wise principle on Monday, child summaries/reader requested posts on Tuesday, poll results/reader requested posts Wednesday, other parenting books on Thursday, something of my choice on Friday, and product reviews on Saturday.

Happy last month of the summer everyone! I hope you enjoy yourselves.

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4 thoughts on “The Blog In August”

  1. So I have followed babywise since my Daughter was born and she is the best behaved toddler I know. She is 15 months. But we are having mealtime issues. she throws her sippy cup. and sometimes her food. Sometimes the cup is empty, but more often then not it still has milk that she wants. no matter what I do – I have tried saying NO. I have tried not giving the cup back. I sit by her the whole meal and she still throws it!! I guess the only thing I have not tried is removing her from the high chair for a time out before continuing her meal. How do I get her to stop throwing her sippy cup?

  2. I am also wondering about sharing. As I said, my Daughter is 15 months and very well behaved. We just had a playdate with a 18 month old this morning and the boy did not want to share anything. How do I avoid this behavior for my child in the future? do playdate at this age really need to be moms on the floor, not really having a chance to talk?

  3. Anna-Lena,The thing to do is figure out why she throws it. Is it because she is done with the meal? Is it because she is bored? Does she want attention? Once you know the reason, you can deal with it.But no matter the reason, I would say something like, "oh, too bad. I guess you don't want your milk anymore." Then I wouldn't give it back to her at all. If the throwing is in order to end the meal, then removing her from the high chair will only reinforce the behavior.

  4. So far as sharing, you can't prevent that. Most kids hit that hard at 18 months, so the boy is right on track. A child cannot truly share unless she is possessive first. Your daughter is not yet possessive. She will be anytime between now and 24 months. Her day will come :). And that is when you will really start working on sharing, and when she will really learn what it means to share.


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