Brayden Update


Things went really well yesterday for Brayden’s surgery. Thanks so much for the prayers!

We got him up at 6 AM and whisked him off to the hospital. He was ridiculously chipper for waking up so early. We got to the surgical center and checked in. He was rather nervous. I had explained to him everything to the point of the mask they would put on, and he was not pleased about the mask.

We went to his room and changed him into his scrubs. We had brought some trains to play with, so once he was all settled and checked in, he and my husband played trains. This was wonderful. He got lost in play and didn’t worry about what else was going on. It also helped so he didn’t think about the fact that he couldn’t eat or drink anything. The surgeon came in to talk to us. He is a great surgeon who is so good with kids. Brayden got a lot more at ease after talking to him.

A few minutes after the surgeon left, the anesthesiologist came in. She explained what she would be doing. I told her he wasn’t pleased about the mask and she said that is common. We the picked up Brayden and carried him as far as we could. At that point, the anesthesiologist took him. He cried “Mama!” and reached for me and she walked down the hall with him. We went back to his room to wait. I of course cried, but I managed to wait until Brayden was gone.

It all went quickly and the surgeon was soon there telling us everything went well. He said it would be another 40 minutes before Brayden would wake up, then they would bring him to us. 20 minutes later we had a crying Brayden in our arms. My husband laughed because it just goes to show how much Brayden is a “sleep-fighter.” Even drugs won’t make him sleep when he doesn’t want to be.

He cried as the medicine wore off. He was obviously delirious. After ten minutes or so he calmed down. The nurse kept telling me to have him take a nap. I explained that just wasn’t going to happen at this time of day. It was 8:30 AM. As he calmed down, he did get droopy-eyed, but his eyes kept shooting open over and over again. I had to wonder if that is what he looks like for naps and bedtimes 🙂

The anesthesiologist came in and told us he only cried for a few seconds, then he got really brave. I thought that was funny because that means I cried longer than he did. We sent his favorite stuffed animal with him, so she tried putting the mask on the stuffed animal first, but that was not good. He didn’t want her to do anything to his Giraffe, he would take the mask. Later that day I told Brayden I heard he had been really brave with the mask. He said, “No Mommy, I was not brave. I was really scared.”

As soon as we walked out of the hospital, he was as happy as could be. I was glad he is a child who can be trusted. The surgeon told me if he would leave his bandages alone and be careful with them, he would just bandage, but if not, he would do a cast. So he just has bandages and is being really good about it, though he doesn’t like it. Things are going really well. He is playing and going about things as usual, though we have mixed up our schedule for a few days to work around limitations. I will explain that in a future post 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Brayden Update”

  1. Praise the Lord! I love that you cried longer than her did… Doesn’t that just go to show, “this will hurt me more than it will you!?”

  2. I am so glad Brayden is doing well. I think he was very brave! And, by the way, your blog is awesome. I have been following it for almost 9 month now and is is VERY helpful! I do have a question-I have a 9 1/2 month old and we’ve been doing babywise since birth. I have her in swimming lessons starting next week and am not sure how to rearrange her schedule on the days she has lessons (just once a week). She wakes between 7:30-8 and goes down for morning nap between 9:15-9:45. Swim lessons start at 10AM, so, do I keep her up and I am sure she will crash after lessons or would it be better to maybe put her down a bit early and get a 45 minute nap in before lessons? I appreciate your advice. Thanks again!

  3. So happy everything went so well! With Lucas’ little surgery I had a choice of hospitals. I chose the one that allowed me to go in the OR. They let me hold him while they put him under. It was a little scary but since I was there, he didn’t cry at all. It was a little scary for me though. They didn’t prepare me much and said something about his body getting stiff. What?! After I laid him down, I walked to the lobby and 2 minutes later the doc came out and said she was done. It was so quick and painless.

  4. Thank Goodness for the surgery! I pray that he will have a quick recovery!! It sounds like he was truly a “big boy” as he chose the bandage route… that’s great!And I hear you about the crying as a parent. I have a 7.5 week old, and he is coming up on his 2 month immunizations, and I already feel teary eyed about it. I do have a few questions for you, though. I hope it’s ok that I ask them here. First off, you answered my questions from 2 weeks ago. Thank you! I have, since then, encountered another problem… He WAS taking an 11:30-12:00 dreamfeed, and then was sleeping until about 6:30-7am. However, there was one night where I think I made a pivotal mistake. He fed at 7pm, and then was supposed to feed again at 10. I, however, wanted to extend it as long as I could so he could sleep longer through the night. He naturally woke up at 11 pm, so I fed him and put him right back down. However, that night, he woke up at 4 am, and has been consistently doing that since. I also am trying to get him on a consistent time schedule, as opposed to just a 3 hr pattern. So, yesterday was the 1st day that we implemented actual times. We started our day at 8 and ended at 8 w/ another DF at 11pm. This time, however, he awoke at 2 am. I tried soothing him, and it worked until about 4:15 am — again. He was UP and crying. So I fed him a full feeding and put him right back down. But he didn’t eat as much for his 1st 8 am meal (and he did that yesterday, too). I read your 1/28/08 post about “Early morning feeds before Waketime”, and you suggested that this 4am feed is possibly something he could drop. But I feel like I am trying to do 2 things at once, and I’m not sure which one to do first. Should I focus on getting him on a “time schedule” first? OrShould I focus on him dropping this 4 am feed? What should I do if he wakes at 2 am again? Maybe feed him, so that he can sleep longer – maybe til 6?I feel like because of that one night, I regrettably made our progress go in reverse. He is almost 8 weeks, and he is still giving us 5 hr stretch between feeds at night, but the times are not the same now. Please tell me that I can correct this!!

  5. I wish Brayden a speedy recovery! If you don’t mind me asking, what hospital did you go to? I live in Utah County and so I’m just curious. I’ve had to take my little one to Primary Childrens and it’s a great place.

  6. Hi Again! Need some help! I have a 9 1/2 month old who is been perfect on BW since the beginning. As of a week ago, she started waking 45min to an hour earlier in the mornings and was starving. So i tried to get her to take more formula before bed w/o any luck. Finally after five mornings of this, last night I gave her a midnight DF and she downed 6oz and then slept in this morning until her normal 8AM time. Question 1. Do I keep doing the DF for a few nights and maybe she is having a small growth spurt?Secondly, she has always had her bath and gone straight to her morning nap with out a whimper and straight to sleep. She is now realizing she is mobile and can stand in her crib and move around. As soon as I put her down for her morning nap she has been playing in her crib for up to an hour and then ony sleeping 45 minutes. Is this a cue that she needs more wake time in the morning? If so, do I push her nap back in 15 minute incriments? FYI-Even 2 weeks ago, if I gave her 2 hours (instead of 1:45 of wake time in the morning, she would only sleep about 45-hour vs 1 1/2) THANKS for your help! I am starting to go crazy! She has been so good and now I feel like her entire schdule and day is out of whack! (and I am trying to work from home-when she sleeps, I work) HELP!

  7. I know Rachel. It is so hard on Moms! I just was so sad thinking of him entering an operating room all by himself. I couldn’t even imagine it because I, myself, have never been in an operating room! Poor kid.

  8. Thanks Angela!I would see this post for ideas on dealing with this. Church: Weekly Disruption : isn’t church, but the principles would apply since it is a weekly disruption.

  9. Maureen, that is really nice. I would have liked to be able to go in with him, though I do wonder if he would have been as brave with mom or dad there to lean on. Who knows.

  10. Thanks Ann! I appreciate it. And I know what you mean about the immunizations. I hate needles…real phobia for me. So I have had lots of practice of being brave in front of the kids throughout their lifetimes! Both with their shots and mine while they watch me.With the night thing…sometimes something like that can take time to fix. One night when Kaitlyn was a young baby, I messed with the night schedule. She was off for two solid weeks. It was aweful. Just be as consistent as you can and he should go back to what he was doing before.For which to do first…in this instance I would pick which one you want done more. The 4 AM feed might be the easier thing to fix first. Once he stops eating at 4 AM, he most likely will need to wake up a bit earlier than 8, so that would throw off your consistency anyway.You can correct this. It might take time, but he will go back. I know it doesn’t feel like it (since newborn time is so much longer due to lack of sleep), but he is still young. He is doing well and you have lots of time with him in the future to get it worked out 🙂

  11. Janelle, that is a good hospital. We live in Cache Valley, so we just went to Logan Regional. It wasn’t a big enough surgery to warrant traveling for it all. They were great.

  12. Angela,1-I would bet it is a growth spurt. You can either do that DF or just start earlier and try to get extra food in her during the day, or add a feeding to her day. 2-She is either getting used to standing, or needs longer waketime. See:Nap Disruptions: Rolling, Standing, Crawling, etc: it is the waketime length, I would change it only 5 minutes at a time because too long of a waketime produces short naps also.


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