Babywise Benefits

The benefits of following On Becoming Babywise. Read these posts to find out what people like about Babywise and why they choose to follow it.

Remember to Teach Your Child Independence

Reasons why you want to teach your child to be independent and allow your child to grow up into a healthy, independent adult.    When Brayden was a day or… View Post

Benefits of Structure and Routine

The many benefits of having structure and routine in your days with your children. Read all about the benefits and get tips on structuring your day.  Children really thrive on… View Post

Welcoming Baby to the Family

Tips to welcome a new baby to the family. Structure your days to fit baby into your schedule and make the family schedule work for baby.  A facet of Babywise… View Post

Benefits of Independent Play

There are many great reasons to have your child play independently each day. Come find out why independent playtime is so beneficial to your child! I have said it many… View Post

In Action: Benefits of Babywise III

The benefits of Babywise in real life application. I often have experiences that show me in extreme ways the benefits of Babywise principles. Last Thursday night was another one of… View Post

In Action: Benefits of Babywise II

The other night we went to dinner as a family. The restaurant was rather busy. It seems restaurants try to sit children in booths (at least that has been my… View Post


Even though I prefer not to debate Babywise, there have been some debates. Here they are: TulipGirl said… Do you think BW will work for all moms/babies? If not, what… View Post