Babywise Benefits

The benefits of following On Becoming Babywise. Read these posts to find out what people like about Babywise and why they choose to follow it.

In Action: Benefits of Babywise

This past weekend, our little family went camping for a family reunion with my husband’s family. Our kids did so great. They got less sleep. They both woke up about… View Post

Babywise Success Story

image source   I am compiling all success stories shared to make one nice success story post. We all can then have a place to come to when we wonder… View Post

More Benefits of Babywise

As I said in my previous post, I am out of town (in Washington DC–expect posts to resume Wednesday). My husband and I have been on vacation without our children.… View Post

Combatting Babywise Myths: Your child will not be interactive

I think the myth I was most surprised about reading was that your child won’t be interactive if you do Babywise. Remember, I didn’t become aware of the anti-Babywise sentiment… View Post

The Value of a Schedule with a Toddler

Toddlers cannot tell time so having daily structure is so helpful to helping them feel secure and avoid tantrums and meltdowns. The other morning Brayden was anxious to go visit… View Post

Independent Playtime Benefits

Independent Playtime Benefits. Do not get discouraged when trying to get your child to play alone. It is well worth your efforts! Here are some benefits. Many moms have difficulty… View Post

Word to the Weary

For those of you in the heat of sleep training, I wanted to post a few words to hopefully keep you trudging along toward your end goal. This last week… View Post