Find ideas for playtime activities. Get ideas for the “wake” portion of your routine each day so you can set up a great daily schedule each day.

Why You Shouldn’t Over Stimulate Baby During Playtime

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What to Do When Your Child Falls Asleep During Independent Playtime

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What to Do When Your Kid Resists Independent Playtime

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In Action: Love of Independent Playtime

Yesterday I wrote some thoughts from when Brayden was sick about two weeks ago (see Night Hunger ). Here is a recap: About two weeks ago, Brayden woke up at… View Post

Independent Playtime Lengths

Independent Playtime Lengths: The amount of time you can expect your child to play alone each day during independent playtime. Independent playtime is when your child plays alone, independently, for… View Post

Independent Playtime Benefits

Independent Playtime Benefits. Do not get discouraged when trying to get your child to play alone. It is well worth your efforts! Here are some benefits. Many moms have difficulty… View Post