Choosing a Schooling Option {Poll Discussion}


While “homeschool vs. public school” is an example of a very hot button topic in the online mom world, I have found it to be a subject Babywise moms are able to talk about rationally and with respect. When parents come to the point to make hard schooling decisions, it is nice to have information available that is respectful and applicable in their lives. I thought this would be an interesting poll for the month of August when many people are starting a new school year. I know this isn’t really necessary with this group, but please keep your comments considerate. Saying, “We chose to homeschool because all public school kids are heathens” isn’t really helpful nor kind. 


Please take a moment to answer the questions below. Doing so will help other parents now and in the future. It is very helpful for me when compiling answers if you at least number the answers you give. You can also copy the questions and answer them. If the question does not apply to you, simply put “N/A.”


1. Do you plan to (or are you currently) homeschool, public school, charter school, private school, etc?

2. What is the main reason you chose this option?

3. What are the best perks of the options you chose?

4. What are the hardest challenges, or cons, of the option you chose? 

5. Any words of advic to add?


Thank you for participating! Mwah!