Defining Attitude {BFBN Week}

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So you read my post yesterday on whether or not we should correct for attitude. Today Maureen at is talking about what exactly we mean by attitude. She has lots of great examples of what sort of attitude we want to be cultivating in our children. 

Maureen says, “I’ve heard many times that a motivated child will
get much farther in life than a smart child will. Intelligence doesn’t do us
any good if we’re unwilling to do the work.” 
This is so true! Know that people make it much further in life with strong work ethic than with strong talent. No matter if you are talking academia, sports teams, or careers, people in leadership positions care more about someone who will put full effort in than those who think they are basically God’s gift to the program. Attitude matters. 

Head on over to read about the different attitudes Mareen highlights. 


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    This was a great read, thanks Valerie!

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