Dreamfeed {Poll Discussion}

The dreamfeed is the feeding you do in the 10-11 PM hour. You get baby, feed him/her without waking him up too much, and then put baby back down for the night. The idea is that your baby will then sleep longer through the night. It works for many babies! But not for all. Let’s discuss your dreamfeed experience.


Please take a moment to answer the questions below. Doing so will help other parents now and in the future. It is very helpful for me when compiling answers if you at least number the answers you give. You can also copy the questions and answer them. If the question does not apply to you, simply put “N/A.”

  1. Did your baby do well with the dreamfeed right away or did you have to work at it for a time first?
  2. What time did you do the dreamfeed?
  3. Was your baby sensitive to the exact time the dreamfeed happened? (for example, did great if dreamfeed at 10:35 but not if it was at 10:45)
  4. Did the dreamfeed seem to help baby sleep longer through the night/help baby wake up less during the night?
  5. What age did you drop the dreamfeed?
  6. Why did you drop the dreamfeed?
  7. Would you try to do dreamfeed with your next baby?
  8. Any words of wisdom for parents out there?