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I am pretty new to the world of prescription eyeglasses. I never needed them until I had children. Even then, my eyesight wasn’t bad enough to need to wear them. After Brinley was born, I started to get migraines, which was new to my life. One day I had the thought to try wearing my glasses. It stopped my headaches ad migraines completely! My eyesight isn’t bad enough that I even notice that I am not wearing glasses when I forget to put them on, but the headaches come up and I realize that I forgot the glasses. And so, I entered the world of glasses.


After a year of wearing glasses, I decided to try my hand at contacts. I shocked myself and my husband when I successfully navigated and survived the contact process! I now wear contacts most days.

But some days, your eyes need a break from contacts. The problem is that my insurance covers either contacts or glasses, and if my eyes have changed (which they have), my old glasses don’t really do the job of preventing headaches. When the people from GlassesShop.com contacted me to do a review, I was very excited! They sent me a pair of glasses in exchange for a review.


After some analyzing and consulting with my sister-in-law who has turned into my sole sunglasses chooser, I went with these glasses. They are funky and fun! The great thing is that they are huge. My friend commented there is a reason glasses used to always be big–they are so much more practical! My original glasses are very indiscreet, but I have a huge range of peripheral vision that I can’t see out of. You get used to it wearing them every day, but when you wear them occasionally, it makes even things like walking down the stairs seem a little tricky. I can wear these one day and still have almost my full range of vision–it is basically like looking out of sunglasses (which, by the way, you can also get from this company, in prescription!).

The best part about this company is that their products are very inexpensive. I have loved the glasses and they are inexpensive enough you can do the contacts through insurance AND get these glasses out of pocket. To just replace the lenses on my glasses from a local shop was going to be over $100. These glasses I got with frames and lenses are $30. Fabulous.

If you go to the homepage, there are several deals that rotate through the homepage. Check those out. They have also given me this code:


This will get you 20% off your order. I am not sure if it combines with other offers; definitely try it out!




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