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This is the post for sharing your family blogs. Please be sure you really want your blog linked for thousands of people to see before linking here.


  • The Fetal Pole 

    SAH Dr. Mom of 2 year old boy girl twins that likes to document their days.
  • The Pittman Family
    Follow our move from TX to CA for my husband to atttend Seminary.
  • Knee Deep In The Baby Pool
    I’m a SAH mom of a 6 week old just trying to figure out this mommy thing!
  • Great Is Your Faithfulness
    My blog is about our family. My daughter was born 9 weeks early. Often when blogging about her, it leads me to think about God too! 🙂
  • The Vineyards
    We have 9 month old twin girls that we have babywised from day 1. Here’s our blog:
  • The Hairston Family
    Stay at home mom with 3 boys – ages 6, 4 & almost 2 🙂
  • Crabby Mama
    Stay at home mom with 2 girls ages 5 and 3 and (finally) a boy age 9 months, in process of moving from NC back to FL
  • The Battershells
    Stay at home mom of one 2 year old little girl…
  • theincorrigiblegingers.blogspot.comWe’re a family of fun-loving redheads who love living in the big city!
  • Reaching Cape Town
    This is my husband’s and my blog about our family’s journey as new missionaries to South Africa. Come check it out as we share photos, experiences, and thoughts!
  • My Silly Monkeys
    My Silly Monkeys and other delights in the life of a mommy on the brink.
  • Praising the Lord for our Many Blessings
    My blog is about my crazy life as a full-time working mother and wife. Please stop by often and comment.
  • Our Little Peanut
    I am a SAHM of an almost 5 month old little girl. My blog is about raising our little “peanut” and all that goes along with that.
  • The Towells 
    I am a SAHM to a 4 month old and a 2.5 year old.

  • Rach said…

    We’re a family of fun-loving redheads who love living in the big city!

    Katie said…New Family with 8 month old boy. We are fun loving and athletic.

    Ande said…We are still newlyweds and now new parents! Our baby girl is 5 months old and such a joy! Glimpse our life at:

    jeanna said…

    My journey trying to get pregnant, pregnancy and now raising my son with God’s help and some babywise!

    Kara O said…Our blog is about being a better manager of your home and your family, all while showing an honest glimpse of what life is like for a not-so-super mom. We focus a lot on faith and God’s grace.


    Nicole said…I’m a wife and a new mom to a (now) 3 month old boy. This blogs represents the idea that life is a romance. Relationships with friends, family, spouses, children, and the Lord. Family Updates, recipes, poetry, and just randomness is posted!

    The Vandegriffs said…I created my blog when I found out we were expecting our first baby last year. It’s a space where I not only post info about my, now 4 month old, baby’s development but also where I express the joys, challenges, and just plain funny aspects of raising a child.


    Ashley Godfrey said…A young army family with one 15 month old little boy and dreams of a big family in the future. Not to mention lots of my random thoughts.

    A Wee Irish Family said…

    Daily happenings, things my Hula Girl does that amaze me, and my random projects. Our family! 🙂

    Sarah said…

    When we were first found out we were pregnant we knew one thing, our little poppy would be a Tennessee Vol! Originally created to chronicle our first pregnancy this is a glimpse into our lives as we get a crash course on parenting and raising our first child!

    Sarah – full time mom, full time wife and full time outside the home worker!

    Cassie said…

    The happenings of a babywise, semi-granola, catholic family soon to be home to Irish Twins!

    Taylor said…

    A glimpse into our Jesus-loving family! We are first-time parents to a 6 month old baby boy.

    McGhee’s said…Stop by and visit at Life Together – Growing in Faith and Love. A blog about life, home, family, and faith! my blog address is 🙂Amelia said… 

    Musings of a Homemaker at

    I’m a Jesus-loving SAHM of two toddler girls with another baby on the way! I record family updates/adventures, write about crafts (mostly relating to my girls), cloth diapers, the occasional recipe, and I dabble in photography.

    Amy said…I’m a new mommy blogging about daily life, family, and things I love… check it out at


    Tiff said…I am a mommy of triplets in Indianapolis Indiana. I have a semi-special needs little man. They are 1yr old!
    www.maurertrips.blogspot.comAng said…

    I’m a SAHM of 2 rambunctious boys ages 3.5 and 1…this blog is pretty random, I talk about the boys a lot but also anything that I find funny or interesting or annoying LOL

    Brown’s Life on the Block said…

    My blog is in the beginning stages. It is mostly about life as a SAHM with some advice and tips on parenting and finances. It also takes a political tone, as politics are my passion!

    Keri at Growing in His Glory said…My website is actually religious. It is designed to help women grow to become what God wants them to be as wives, mothers, and children of God.

    Dave and Elaine said…My blog chronicles my journey through infertility and adoption and God’s faithfulness through it ALL! Through a series of events that was nothing short of a miracle, we adopted our daughter two years ago.

    We are currently in the process of adopting another baby that is due August 8th of this year! We actually expect baby to be here any day now!

    I did Babywise with my daughter from 3 months on (when I was first introduced to it) and plan to do Babywise with this baby from day 1!

    Casey Mitchell said…

    “My Story of Life, Love, and Mommyhood”

    I have a 5 month old daughter who has struggled with naps from 5 weeks old. This is our journey together.

    Kelley E. said…

    “Our Adoption Journey… & Life With Kate!”

    Our journey through domestic infant adoption and life with our now almost ONE year old daughter, Kate!

    Jodie Wilson said…Wilson’s (almost) Irish Twins

    5-year breast cancer survivor stay-at-home mom enjoying simple pleasures while raising my 2-year-old boy who never stops and a 1-year-old daughter who is full of fuss and fun.

    Linds said…

    SAHM to two boys, ages 3.5 and 20 months. Blogging my way through the chaos of mommyhood.

    Big Jen said…Come follower THE PUNISHER!!


    Blog about our family: SAHM to 2 year old boy, married 6.5 years, transplanted from GA to AL.

    Megan said…

    SAHM of a 4 MO baby girl. Blogging to keep track of my thoughts, her little life, and everything else in between.

    Sarah said…

    Army wife and SAHM to one sweet, 4 month old little girl! I blog about a little bit of everything – Baby girl, Babywise, crafts, food, Army life and everything in between. =)

    AmberCHenson said…

    I am a working mom (teacher) of a 7 month old. My blog chronicles my first time mom experiences. I do summary post each month as well as posts on other happenings including my exploration of making baby food!

    Kate said…

    I am a SAHM to a 4yr old girl, 2yr old boy and 1 more on the way! My blog is currently ‘documenting delight’ a Project 365 where I am taking a photo every day of the kids and the delights they get up to! Of course I cant resist adding my thoughts about childraising, BW, GKGW, parenting, life and all those other good things! 🙂

    Katrina Chambers said…My blog:
    I am a first time mum from England. My son is 8 months old and I am about to start my full time teacher training whilst juggling a busy household!!kelseychristiansonwilliams said…
    i blog about motherhood, marriage, money and faith at:


Cameron and Megan said…

Our’s was an adoption journey blog until our son came home, now it is a FAMILY blog!

The Vineyards said…




My blog is a family blog. We have 9 month old twins that we have babywised from day 1. Just read babywise II and looking forward to putting it into action!

Dave and Elaine said…

I blog at God’s Faithfulness Through Infertility.

It tells the story of my journey through infertility treatments, adoption, and now, motherhood and how God was and still is faithful through it all!

I have two daughters that are 3 years old and almost 1 year old.


Michelle said…

I talk a ton about my family in here. If people look back at the posts starting January/February of 2012 they can get an idea about what it was like to have a preemie, a 27 weeker to be exact. But I also talk about some of the challenges of being a work at home mom (I teach online). Some posts are not about family at all, but most of them have something to do with family.


sarahoutloud said…

I’m a stay-at-home mom of 1, and I blog at

There you’ll see lots of baby updates and stories. hope you enjoy!


erin m judd said…

my blog is:

it’s mostly a family blog, but I post a lot of my graphic design work, and beginning photography practice, and Bradley Method stuff… on there too. So it’s sorta miscellaneous as well.

I’m a stay at home, work at home, momma of one 19 month old little girl, due with our second little girl in November. Also, my husband is awesome.


Sarah WhitehouseNews said…

News From the White House

I’m Sarah, the matriarch of the White House. This blog was started as a newlywed, and now is a newly(ish) mom of one ADORABLE baby girl. Older posts include a lot about yard sale finds and randomosity. Lately it’s my e-baby book. Throw in some self reflection posts and Weight Watchers along with Dave Ramsey and there you go!

Stephanie Loudmouth said…
Welp, I guess I’m late with this but might as well comment.

Hi! I’m Stephanie and I have two blogs, The Loudmouth Lifestyle and Baby Loudmouth. I started Baby Loudmouth just a few weeks ago to chronicle my journey through pregnancy and once my son is born in September, I’ll be sharing stories about him as well. My goal is for Baby Loudmouth to be a resource for moms, soon-to-be moms, and moms-to-be as it is very hard for me to find useful, realistic information online. Hope to see you there!


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