Fashionable Fitbit {Friday Finds}

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You might now by now how much I love my Fitbit. I find it so helpful to make sure I am getting enough steps in each day and to make sure I am not eating more than my daily activity warrants. The one downside is that the Fitbit just isn’t cute. You can add band covers to help, but it still looks like a Fitbit on your arm.


They are changing things up, though!This post contains affiliate links.  For starters, we  have the Fitbit Blaze. This is a watch that is also a Fitbit. The really great thing is that you can also get accessory bands, so you can make it very customizable to your style. I got this Blaze for my birthday as well as a couple of bands. My favorite is this one:

I am loving it! It is just as usable as the Fitbit Charge I had, plus it has more features. It works just like my old Fitbit did while looking like a normal fashion accessory.

Christmas is coming up, and you might not know what you would like to get as a gift. This could be just what you wanted!

And here is a very cool new Fitbit about to come out. It is the Flex 2. New features make it waterproof, which means if you are a swimmer, you can wear it in the pool. It also has a small removable tracker, so you can use it in bangles or even pendants! Once it has been out, I am sure there will be other companies that offer a variety of fashion accessories to to with this fitbit.



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