Favorite Toys 2017


Each year, I share with you some of my top ideas for gifts for children. These are things that are tried and true in our home. These can make great Christmas or birthday gifts for the children in your life.

Favorite Toys 2017


Plastic Animals

These were a huge hit for me when I was a child, and my children love playing with them, also. If you have animal lovers at your house, plastic animals are a great option. I would say this is great for the 4-9 year old crowd.

Speed Cube
A speed cube is a fun toy for the ten and older crowd. This is a good option for the tween you need to shop for but aren’t sure what to get.

Hair Mannequin
Kaitlyn loves doing hair, so last year for Christmas I got her a hair mannequin. I did a lot of reading and researching and settled on this one. It is a great price and she has fully loved it. It works well for the way she uses it. It is harder to use without a stand, so I would recommend getting a stand at some point, but she has managed without one up to this point. This is great as soon as your child loves doing hair.

Wings of Fire Books
Both McKenna and Kaitlyn love this book series. It is rated for ages 8-12 and grades 3-7. McKenna started with it at age 7 and in second grade, but I think the rating for the books is accurate. These are loved by boys and girls.

Hand Fan
Right around age 7-8, both Kaitlyn and McKenna have had an affinity for a hand fan. You can get nicer ones for really inexpensive on Amazon. Last Christmas was McKenna’s turn to ask for a fan for Christmas.

Adult Coloring Book
All of my girls are currently loving adult coloring books. Kaitlyn has this animal one. It is made for adults and works well for her artistic abilities. Brinley has a unicorn one. It is made for girls, so more appropriate challenge-wise for a five year old.

Nice Ball
Last year for Christmas, the one thing Kaitlyn wanted was a really nice soccer ball. I am not a soccer play and never was, so I didn’t know what made a “really nice soccer ball.” I did some research and came up with balls for around $100. That is a liiiiitttle more than I want to spend on a ball for a child. You know, balls that easily get left behind at a game or practice. But it was the one and only thing she wanted for Christmas, so I wanted to find a nice ball for her. I talked with her coach and he recommended this one. It is a great middle ground. It is very nice, nicer than a cheap ball you can get, but not so expensive that I will see red if the ball is lost. So far, so good, though.

LEGO Animals
Brinley loves LEGOs, but mostly because she loves the little animals that come with LEGOs. She enjoys building, but her main reason for loving LEGOs is the animals. So for her birthday, I looked up “lego animals” on Amazon and came across some lots of animals. She loved it! I have since noticed the lots come and go, so if you want to do this, it is wise to buy a lot as soon as you see one you like.

I shared my LEGO animal find on Facebook and a reader told me about the Playmobil sets and the zoo set specifically. I usually only post about things we own and love, but this is totally on Brinley’s list for Christmas now. Since it was recommended by a reader, I thought it would be safe to share before we have tried it.

Fake Book for Piano
Our neighbor introduced us to the most amazing thing for Brayden this year. It is called the Fake Book. These are books that have chords and the melody for songs. So you can play a song easily with some basic knowledge. Brayden has loved it and I will get him another one this Christmas. There is an insane amount of these fake books. Disney, Christmas, Eighties, Beatles, Classical…it never ends.

Beanie Boos
I wrote on these last Friday. They are a huge hit at our house. These are great for any age as soon as you are okay with stuffed animals.

Looking for more ideas? See past posts. These are helpful because each year, I share the greatest hits from that year, so they give ideal ideas for various ages:

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Choosing and Organizing Gifts

I am very methodical in how I choose gifts for people. I am very much a believer in “it’s the thought that counts” and I put a lot of thought into the process. Plus, I don’t want to purchase toys just for the sake of purchasing them. I don’t want them in our house unless I think my kids will love them long-term.

And don’t miss my Gift Organizer {Free Printable} for organizing your ideas.

Book Lists

We love to give books as gifts. Each child gets a book at each birthday and each Christmas. Here are my book lists:

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Favorite Toys 2017

Great Toys

If you are looking for the perfect toy for your child, look through my “best toys” lists:

You will also find good info in my various toy reviews:

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