Food Amounts for Toddlers


A couple of weeks ago as I was finishing my latest read-through of On Becoming Toddlerwise, I was surprised to read about food amounts for toddlers. I had never noticed it before. It is on page 145.

For each item of food, you give one teaspoon per year of age. So a one year old would get one teaspoon of peas. A two year old would get two teaspoons of peas, etc.

Doesn’t that sound like so little! I think as parents we are always worried our kids aren’t getting enough. This guideline can help you know how much to feed your child without stress.

This doesn’t mean if your one year old eats all of her peas and asks for more that you say no. Personally, when it comes to fruits and veggies, I let my children eat all they want. If they finish the main course and want more of that, but haven’t eaten enough fruits and/or veggies, I require them to eat some of the fruits/veggies before getting more of the other food.

My husband’s grandmother says children will eat more overall if you give them less in the first place. She says it isn’t so overwhelming to them to see small amounts. I don’t know if this is true, but some parents have found it to be true. Either way, giving less at a time will at least avoid wasting food.

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