Friday Finds: Mattress Protector

If you have a child, you really must use a mattress protector. Middle of the night puke-a-thon? The mattress protector is your friend. Wet the bed? Mattress protector to the rescue. Leaked through diaper? Spit up that whole last feeding? It is all made easier with the mattress protector.


You can’t just have a mattress protector, though. You need a good one. You need one that works well–in other words, it is water-proof. A mattress protector that leaks through the mattress doesn’t really protect said mattress. You need one that can be washed. Yes, washed in the washing machine. No one wants to hand-wash one of those dirty things. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.


I also must have it able to be dried in the dryer. Sure, sometimes you have time to air dry. Other times you have a puking child and need it dry 10 minutes ago. 


We have always owned mattress protectors. We have also always purchased nice ones that cost a lot of money. We have also had issues with them not really being waterproof, or more often, them literally falling to pieces in the dryer because I stand firm that something like this should be able to go in the dryer, so I don’t read labels, and they were “hang dry only.” 


So I went on the hunt for a mattress protector that would fill my criteria. I found one! 


I have tested it for about a year (I can get distrustful once something fails me, so this thing needed to prove it could be used and washed). Sometimes being a little OCD crazy like me can pay off. Last week, I finally decided this mattress protector had proven itself and went to order a couple more. They were on super sale! 


It is on sale for $14 for a twin size. So I bought four. 


If you are in need, you should get it! You can’t beat that price, and the item is 100% worth that cost.

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  1. Do you ever feel like waterproof mattress covers make you really hot? My husband and I had one on our bed, but I had to take it off because I just got so hot. I felt like I was sleeping on plastic, which I kind of was. I haven't checked this one out yet, but I will.


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